Medication Compliance Revolution: Never Miss a Dose!

  • If you have heart disease, or perhaps you have high blood pressure or atrial fibrillation, you can well relate with the sudden bout of panic and air hunger when an attack sets in. As you struggle to take huge gulps of air and keep your balance, you realize that you forgot to take your medications once again!

    Such moments are not only extremely horrific and unbearably painful, they also create sufficient psychological trauma in a person’s life. However, their effect on the medical and physical health of the body is even more tormenting and fatalistic.

    Studies indicate that majority of the medical emergencies occur due to a failure to take medications properly and on time!

    Medication compliance or adherence is the scientific term that is given to a patient’s forgetful or purposeful failure to follow the prescribed medication schedule, dosage, frequency or directions.

    Studies have proven that over half of the patients with chronic illnesses fail to follow the prescribed medication directions or dosages, and this is precisely why it has become increasingly difficult to control disease progression, chronic illnesses, and burgeoning rise of hospitalizations.

    It is alarming how majority of the patients and their caretakers make light of medical adherence despite the fact that, research has proven, over 125,000 US citizens die each year, only because they do not remember to take their medication on time, or in the right dosages.

    If you do not take your medication on time, or fail to administer the correct dosages, as prescribed by your doctor, you will not only end up aggravating your medical condition and your health, but also, you will accumulate massive health care and medical insurance bills if your condition gets serious, as you will have to be hospitalized. Daily, insurance companies are finding more and more ways to pass on as much of the cost to the insurer!


    Studies prove that lack of medication compliance is one of the biggest causes of hospitalizations, resulting in 33% to 69% of the hospital visits, costing over $100 billion every year.

    Can you believe people are wasting all that amount of money which they can easily save by remembering to take their medication on time?

    We need to come to terms with and admit the fact that non-compliance is extremely dangerous, and it is leading to an overwhelmingly alarming loss of human life, resources and money, that can all be used otherwise, to greater and much more beneficial purposes and more meaningful ways with family and friends.

    The Medication Compliance Revolution is here to make medication compliance and adherence a reality and a success! Stay health and stay safe.

    We owe it to ourselves and our families and friends. With the goal of saving lives, financial resources and the excruciating burden of constantly rising medical and health insurance bills, we are dedicated and devoted to make it easier for patients to take their medicines on time, and exactly according to the requirements prescribed by their doctors, to reduce the risk of fatal accidents and sudden medical emergencies among patients who are diagnosed with illnesses, with a focus on chronic conditions.

    The Medication Compliance Revolution is here to aid all those individuals who are aware that their forgetfulness at keeping track of their dosage and medication timings is going to land them in the emergency room, in an unbearably painful situation, but just can’t seem to remember the dosages and timings.

    We are here to make it easier, share ideas and support each other towards a common goal of better health and quality of life.

    Living alone, having no one to remind you, a busy schedule, or simple laziness (yes this is true) are few of the prime reasons why many people forget to take their medications on time. Chronic illnesses induce fatigue and emotional trauma that renders the brain inactive, and makes one forgetful of the most common and routine tasks.


    imedWe all could use some help! We do recommend a medication list, pill and medication reminder app, iMEDTracker available on the iPhone and android devices. Make your medication list for yourself or for a loved one! Make multiple lists if you need. Set your alarms. Never miss a dose!

    But this app is only an aid and a means to an end. We also have to address causes of medication non-compliance in its totality. It is a whole spectrum of issues that have to be addressed:

    • Physician – patient communication
    • Cost of therapy
    • Social support
    • Dosage routines tailored for the patient
    • Self-monitoring
    • Knowledge about condition and treatment options
    • Goals of care

    And we have to start NOW!

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